The little king frog is 25cm tall.
“Who are you calling small here?” *ribbit*
The pattern contains 31 pages
“Why don’t you make a novel out of it?” *ribbit*
and 80 pictures.
“Hmmm, pictures. I love pictures. Of me.” *ribbit*
He is well suited as an enchanted prince.
“Jarrr, kiss me!” *ribbit*
For friends of fairy tales he can be made Frog King,
“I will seize world domination!” *ribbit*
because he has crown, sceptre and robe.
“A hat, a back scraper and a blanket… great.” *ribbit*
And last but not least, he’s not just sitting around, but on a giant flower.
“Now I know what smells so strange here. Achoo.” *ribbit*